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 Prism Ark ~Prism Heart 2~

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PostSubyek: Prism Ark ~Prism Heart 2~   Fri Nov 23, 2007 7:50 pm

Title: Prism Ark
Japanese: プリズム・アーク
English Literal Translation: Prism Ark ~Prism Heart 2~
Premier: TBC
Genre: Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Romance, Drama (some ecchi)
Original Creator: Pajamas Soft
Production: Media Factory
Animation Studio: Frontlines Studios
Official Website: http://www.p-ark.tv/

The series will be based on the erogame of the same name by Pajamas Soft, the second game in the series, which was released early 2006 (first as a super-fancy super-expensive limited edition, then as a regular one).

Oh wait, I have a bit of it! Woo. Here you go, some background info (from original game):
The world of Prism Ark takes place in the equivalent of our world’s Crusade era in Western Europe. The geography is a little changed and there are stuff like magic and dragons.

The main players are Wind Land, Viella, and the Sablum Empire. Viella of Victaly is equal to Rome of Italy, and the Sablum Empire is equal to the Byzantine Empire. Sabus is the god of Islam and Rerihion is the god of Christianity. Like our world’s Christianity, Viella serves as the headquarters of the Pope and believers of Rerihion.

Wind Land is where the Holy Roman Empire would be. In Wind Land, it is always spring, and the greeting is “Good wind” instead of “Good morning”.

Prior to the events that begin in Prism Ark, Viella has already called several crusades in the name of Rerihion to reclaim the Holy Land. However this was completely stopped after awhile and Rerihion and Sabus believers lived in peace and harmony from that day.

The game begins with the King and Queen making a journey to Viella to get their one year daughter, the Princess of Wind Land, baptized. However, their escort was suddenly attacked by the Sablum Empire, who were supposed to be their good allies. At this battle was the first appearance of the Angels, a imposing being with wings and halo, whose height easily doubled men’s, and came wielding never before seen power.

Afterwards, the King, the Queen, and the Princess were all missing and were assumed either killed from the ambush, or in hiding. Outraged, the Pope immediately re-established the Crusades and ordered one to invade Sablum. From then on, Wind Land and the Sablum Empire were in war. However, this war has not ended years after years and continues on to this day, and still, there are no King or Queen ruling Wind Land…

Finally getting the acceptance notice, Hyaweh travels to the Isle of Rozenberg, which is holded by the Rozenberg Family, the most powerful family in Wind Land, second to the absence Royal Family. In there is the best school for knights wannabes, privately funded by Duke Kizarov Rozenberg, the number one Knight in Wind Land.

However, as it turns out, Hyaweh is actually two whole weeks late and from there on spirals his wacky journey to knighthood in the midst of a devastating war taking place, which will hit home closer than what anyone could’ve imagined.

Oh, and another KOTOKO OP as good as Requiem of Original Sin wouldn't go amiss either. This anime should be over 26 episodes to actual use up most of the story content (there's an awful lot).
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Prism Ark ~Prism Heart 2~
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